“People seem to think that we shall have great changes in social intercourse and customs. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe’s manners will give a tone to all the rest.”
—Mrs. Samuel Harrison Smith to her sister, November 23, 1817.


“[I] have lived with the partner of [my] cares, in so many raptures of life, so long together, and afforded to each other, comforts which no other person on earth could do, as both of us have done. . . .”
—James Monroe to James Brown, December 9, 1830


Neal Piper Photography

Neal Piper Photography

President and Mrs. Monroe shared over forty years as husband and wife, many of them here at Ash Lawn-Highland. Perhaps one of their happiest days was when their eldest daughter, Eliza, was married at this beautiful Albemarle County estate.

In the tradition of these historic marriages, Ash Lawn-Highland warmly invites couples to celebrate their union on the grounds of James and Elizabeth Monroe. A picturesque and historic house with adjacent gardens, Ash Lawn-Highland offers unique locations for both wedding ceremonies and receptions. We accommodate formal and informal, daytime and evening events. Each party is provided optimal privacy and flexibility. We encourage you to welcome your guests to Ash Lawn-Highland as James and Elizabeth Monroe welcomed theirs.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in hosting wedding celebrations, Ash Lawn-Highland has learned the secrets to a successful wedding. The following accommodations are designed to assist the bride and groom in planning their special day:

  • Maximum catering flexibility; a wide choice of caterers, food, and alcoholic beverages.
  • A tour of the Monroe home for wedding guests as part of an Ash Lawn-Highland welcome.

Ash Lawn-Highland provides a variety of facilities to accommodate your event:

  • Handsomely groomed Johns Garden and the Peacock Yard (suitable for both smaller and larger parties).
  • The 50′ by 80′ Hilltop Pavilion with a full concrete floor (adjacent to the Johns Gardens, suitable for up to 400 guests).
  • The 30′ by 70′ Event Barn (heated and cooled) with two stories, both available for use. (Designed in the style of a historic barn on site, the new Event Barn has two floors—a lower level encompassing a historic stone wall, and an upper level, both with picturesque views of pastures and mountains. This facility is heated and air conditioned, and both levels may be used for the same event, providing space for drinks and hors d’oeuvres separate from dinner, or dinner separate from dancing.)
  • The Conference Room featuring a full kitchen partitioned from the dining room and bathroom facilities. (Ideal for smaller indoor functions—such as rehearsal dinners—during the winter months. Seats sixty guests.)
  • A rose arbor adorning the Johns Gardens, and a seven-foot-high garden arch.
  • The Ash Lawn-Highland Museum Shop which holds a wide selection of gifts unique to James Monroe’s era—historic replicas ideal for the bridal party, as well as the bride and groom.